The advantage of using the composite materials for repair pipelines

Ivan N. Vorobyov INTRA TOOL Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation  
Composite materials — one of themost promising technologies for repair of pipelines, which combines the advantages of both — strength, lightness, corrosion resistance.Scope of application of composite materials is very wide and is constantly expanding (the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering, energy, defense, oil and gas, construction industries).Pressure pipeline repair technologyof composite materials has long been proven to be very effective, however, it has become the most popular type only5–10 years ago.
Obvious market prospect composite repair work is: • this repair is most effective in terms ofprice - quality ( low enough price , and the benefits that providing this type of repair is very important : the restoration of load-bearing capacity , corrosion resistance , etc.);• as the use of composite materials do not require any special skills , the company as soon as terms can train your staff to this method of repair; • do not require any special or heavy equipment therefore contain a fleet of equipment for repair teams do not have to; • repairs can be carried out on the existing pipeline (reduced repair costs); • refers to the constant repair;
Benefits of pipeline repair composite materials: • the possibility of holding the equipment in operation; • low time costs; • Increased service life of the equipment; • stronger and lighter than steel; • corrosion and wear resistance; • the possibility of application on curved sections , tees , elbows, and areaswith difficult access (for example, where distance from the pipe wall to a minimum); • fully restored carrying capacity of the structure; • cost of planned maintenance;• does not require any special qualifications of personnel; • no thermal effects ( as there is no welding - that security is much higher); • engineering calculation in accordance withISO TS 24817 and ASME PCC- 2 tbsp. 4.1. for 20 years, ensures the reliability of repair;• does not require special equipment while performing work; • composite repair can be performed under water; • a wide range of environments and temperatures; • ecology;Main benefits: • low cost (relative to other methods of repair); • low time costs (in relation to other methods of repair); • versatility; • a permanent method of repair; Composite materials are in demand, primarily due to the following properties: • easy; • strength; • cost-effective; • corrosion resistance; • durability.
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