Tracking random nature of creep strength on pipeline materials, while assessing resistance power of pipelines' curved sections weighted by uniform coating

Sergey Shockiy PJSC "Geotech Seismic Services", Moscow, Russia
DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10049

The paper presents the results of calculating the stresses in the wall of an underground pipeline loaded with pipeline solid weight in the angles of rotation on convex sections of the pipeline. Taking into account the random nature of the yield strength of tube steels, samples of actual values obtained for the material of pipes from different manufacturers, the strength of curvilinear sections of the main pipeline was evaluated. The necessity of individual selection of the weight of a pipeline solid weight for each section of the pipeline is justified taking into account the specific law and the dispersion limits of the yield strength of the pipe material used during the construction phase of the section.

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