Antisurge control system the turbocharger with the regulating valve on suction

Sergey G. Tikhomirov FSBEI HE "VSUET" Voronezh, Russian Federation
Denis V. Arapov FSBEI HE "VSUET" Voronezh, Russian Federation
Vladimir A. Kuritsyn CJS "NPP "Tsentravtomatika" Voronezh, Russian Federation
Sergey S. Savvin FSBEI HE "VSUET" Voronezh, Russian Federation
The scientific work is devoted to the creation of anti-surge compressor control with the input regulating throttle. In article was solved the problem of optimal control of the compressor based on a given safety margin to the surge and braking modes.
Materials and methods
Research were carried out on a computer using computational methods of nonlinear programming, including the method of least squares, penalty functions, Hooke - Jeeves, Pattern search.
On the basis of the compressor's gas dynamic passport characteristics is made nonlinear mathematical model of the process gas compression in the compressor with regulating valve on the suction. The model includes an approximation of the characteristics of the compressor and the formula for calculating it based on criteria similar to the process of compression. The adequacy of the developed regression was tested by the Fisher test. Posed and solved the problem of optimization of a centrifugal compressor with regulating valve inlet.
Created antisurge control system. A method of controlling the compressor dynamic action is based on his passport characteristics. The model provides protection against fluctuations of gas flow and its inhibition. The studies are important for controlling the compressors of this type, and can be used in gas processing, petrochemical and chemical industries.
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turbocharger anti-surge control regulating valve suction Hooke - Jeeves