Effective solution for field fuel depots in arctic conditions

Victor Maltsev “Exposition Oil Gas” magazine Moscow, Russian Federation runeft@runeft.ru
In difficult conditions of Russian North the issue of uninterrupted supplies is very important. Logisticians need to organize storage of fuel in sufficient quantity to ensure the work of automotive engineering transport outside of infrastructure. It is almost impossible without modern field fuel depots.
Materials and methods
It was studied the experience deploy the tanks made from thermoplastic polymer, nitrile rubber and steel.
According results of properties comparison among vertical steel tanks, mobile elastic tanks and nitrile rubber tanks, mobile elastic oneswere recognized as the most effective, secure and environmentally friendly.A special focus given to functional qualities of different types of tanks. It was proved effectiveness the field fuel depots of elastic tanks made from polyether fabric with two-side polymeric coating in Far North conditions.
The using of depots based on elastic tanks allows to reduce start-up of a project time up to half of the year or year, increasethe effectiveness of works conducted in remote areas even in Far North and gives an competitive advantage of customer due to huge economy of time-saving, finances and human resources.
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