Influence of «hydrostatic stretching» of liquids on the quality of commercial gas purification

The analysis of the so-called hydraulic stretching of a liquid, occurring in certain conditions in a drip liquid present the extracted gas as well as the research of the influence of cavitation on the efficiency of field  gas preparation. The greatest attention is paid to the influence of the mentioned above processes on separation
of a gas and liquid  mixture from drip liquids
Materials and methods
Observation, forecasting, generalization.
Appearance of such interconnected phenomena as hydrostatic stretching and cavitation in liquids adversely influences the process of field gas preparation, causing the damage of the technological equipment due to
cavitational erosion, some technological problems a certain decrease of the pumps head occurring at pumping gas saturated liquids and removal of liquids from gas-liquids separators.
Considering the intensity of the stretching effect in liquids and the cavitation intensity values we consider it necessary not to use transitional flow vessels with an open top part as the so-called self-flow units for the in-let tank of a separator, which will minimize the amount the amount of the liquid removed with the gas separated from the gas and liquid mixture. For the same purpose the flow pipes of the separator should be equppped with special valves.
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