Method of substantiation density grids of wells and well completion methods in the case of a joint development of oil and gas caps rims

Denis V. Aptulin TyumenNIIgiprogaz Tyumen, Russian Federation
Vladimir N. Maslov TyumenNIIgiprogaz Tyumen, Russian Federation  
The paper sets out the methodology of choosing the optimal mesh density gas condensate and oil wells, and the method of their completion with the layering of heterogeneity — the deterioration ofreservoir properties, namely the reduction in permeability of the roof to the sole.
Materials and methods
Method of joint development the oil rim and gas cap.
Development of the oil rim without entering into the development of the gas cap is characterized by negative economic indicators in the caseof development of vertical wells with hydraulic fracturing and on the verge of profitability in the case of development of horizontal wells.
Proposed the improved methodology forselecting the most optimal variant of the joint development of oil rim and gas cap, allowing to increase the economic efficiency of gas condensate pools with thin oil banks with a view to securing an approved oil recovery factor.
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