Technical repair service dynamic equipments by results of diagnostic measurements

Rustem R. Gareev Ufa state petroleum technological university Novy Urengoy, Russia  
Andrei A. Matsibora UGPU Gazprom dobycha Urengoy Novy Urengoy, Russia  
This article represents methods of diagnostics that permit transition from the preventive maintenance system to maintain dynamic equipment according to the actual state with employment modern multifunctional apparatus Leonova Infinity. The developed method of diagnostics fully reflects the overall technical condition of machinery and rotating items. It helps to receive the objectively correct decision for the further operation of process equipment, and to monitor the dynamics of their development, avoiding critical damage. The use of spectral analysis allows us to determine the cause of defective state of repair mechanism without repairing intervention.
Materials and methods
Diagnostic instrument Leonova Infinity, results of vibration monitoring and spectral analysis in Condmaster Nova software, balancing methodology without disassembling
The introduction of services by the actual technical state will increase the cost of purchase diagnostic devices in the initial stage, but in the future will reduce the number of planned repairs, without reducing the reliability of the equipment.
More rational use of material and human resources, by reducing the number and timing of repairs, will reduce the cost of service of the process equipment, which is an important objective of the enterprise in a market economy.
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monitoring balancing maintenance by condition vibration diagnostic disbalance spectral analysis