Upgrade of inlet separators at the Senomantsky gas fields of Yamburg oil and gas deposits (part 2)

Vladimir V. Efimov Gazprom dobycha Yamburg LLC Noviy Urengoy, Russian Federation v.v.efimov-NU@yandex.ru
Khaliulin V. Damir Ufa State Petroleum Technological University Ufa, Russian Federation d_khaliulin@mail.ru
The given article continues [10] considers the issues, connected with the construction peculiarities of the inner part of the separators, upgraded according to the Central Construction Bureau of Oil and Technologies of the Subsidiary of the Open Joint Stock Company "Gazprom". A concise functional principal of each scheme of a gas-liquid mixture separation is also given in the presented article as well as the results of the inspection of the upgraded equipment during its’ test exploitation in the production process and the results of the separators’ inside inspection.
Materials and methods
Observation, forecasting, generalization.
With an analysis of the studies and observations during the trial operation of the separator with upgraded internals CKBN Gazprom in field conditions Yamburg field, including their design, scope and terms of modernization, terms of service, the technical condition of the device, after the impact of "negative" factors, and others, taking into account domestic academic experience in the field of separation of liquid mixtures [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], [8], [9], the authors of this article the following conclusions.
It should be noted successful constructive combination of tangential inlet device with sliding door stop plate and the web design solution with a central pipe that provides effective cleaning of the gas in the liquid waste from the largest faction of the particles of solid impurities. Despite a number of issues identified during pilot production unit deficiencies Contributor proposed measures aimed at strengthening the commercial cleaning liquid mixture in the upgraded separator. The following are some of them. Minimizing the impact of "transit" raw liquid mixture through a section minitsiklonov can achieve [5], if in turn containing particles of liquid drops and solids-liquid flow between the bars (5 and 7 in Figure 1) to guide vanes (1 in Figure 4, right ). This will ensure, first, a more even distribution of the flow velocity in the cross section at the inlet of the device minitsiklony and corresponding reduction in the flow velocity of suspended particles of impurities, and, secondly, to allow more evenly balanced in the flow of admixture between all elements of cyclone. At the same characteristics of the distribution flow rate (I) and the concentration of impurities (II) are almost identical. In order to minimize entrainment of liquid from the "wash" section proposed to be deleted from the construction of dish centrifugal mass transfer elements located in the "shadow" zone "B" in Figure 5, which will also enhance the safety of production for maintenance staff as well as on-site elements will be excluded Design options for the leaf plates technical manhole diameter 450 mm. In this case, for the convenience of staff cover technical DN400 hatch in the central part of the lattice (7) must be folded into a "wash" section.
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