Separation equipment for the protection of commercial BCS

Boris S. Paley Gazprom Podolsk, Russian Federation
Vladislav A. Tolstov Gazprom Podolsk, Russian Federation  
Aleksandr P. Romashov Gazprom Podolsk, Russian Federation
Elena V. Nemova Gazprom Podolsk, Russian Federation
The article discusses the possible options for the location of the gas separation unit in the schemes of gas treatment plants to transport and commercial BCS. Schemes of the assembly of the first scrubbing stage separation with integrated slug catcher on the basis of vertical machines. Reflects the dynamics of the separation equipment for the protection of BCS. The problem is identified inconsistencies inexisting regulatory and technical documents regarding the technical requirements for equipment preparation of the gas beforethe BCS.
Thus, consideration of these documentsshould ambiguity requirements purified gas before the blowers.This, in turn, introduces uncertainty as follows:• It is not clear on what the requirements document must be designed gas cleaning equipment;• Whether to include the requirements to the quality of the purified gas specific document to a specific object (CS, BCS, BCS UGS), and if so, how;• In view of the variety of requirements to the quality of the purified gas blowers to methodological problems arise equipment testing to confirm the characteristics and instrumentation(in the industry are no methodological and instrumentation determine thediameter and number of particles of liquid impurities in the gas).
In view of the above, and also due to the fact that fishing ABAC work in other more stringent conditions than the CS gas pipelines should be considered advisable to research and develop the technical requirements necessary to prepare the gas before fishing BCS.
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