Determination of the dropping liquid and solids in the gas stream. The methodology and measurement tools

Vladislav A. Tolstov Gazprom Podolsk, Russian Federation  
Aleksandr P. Romashov Gazprom Podolsk, Russian Federation
Vladimir V. Panin Gazprom Podolsk, Russian Federation  
In the article the basic parameters that must be met to obtain a representative sample of the gas-liquid flow to evaluate the effectiveness of separation and dust collection equipment.The analysis of the various different organizations, in practice, methods and means of determining the content of the liquid and solids in the gas stream. Addresses issues of non-convergence results of the assessment of separation and dust control equipment for conducting research on different methods of measurement by different means.
Based on the analysis conclusion about the need for research in the area of measuring the amount of fluid and mechanical impurities in the gas stream followed by the development a common methodology and measurement tools that take into account all the necessary parameters to ensure the correctness of the measurements.
To date, for measuring the gas content in the stream of fluid and (or)mechanical impurities by differentorganizations use different techniques and instrumentation. The submissions show significant differences in methodologyand design of measurement tools, their universality, portability,subject to the conditions isothermal, izobarichnosti and isokineticin the process of conducting research.
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entrainment of liquid entrainment measurement technique representative sample sample probe efficiency