Construction of underwater trenches for pipelines crossing water obstacles and open peatlands (trench) method with the use of jetting

Sergey M. Shtin Ministry of energy of the USSR, Plantjetting Moscow, Russian Federation
One of the most important sites in the construction of stretches of pipelines is necessary to build underwater crossing creeks, flood plains, rivers, canals and peatlands. To perform these operations with the necessary technological precision and quality there is a need in the special construction dredging equipment.
Materials and methods
Development of soils hydromechanization method.
Improving the efficiency and environmentalsafety in the construction of gas pipelines in the groundwater crossings.
1. Use dredges trench type ensures that the construction of underwater pipeline crossings over water obstacles at a high techno-logical level in highly plastic clay soils and peat soils in wet without prior drying. 2. Use dredges to develop trenches in flooded peat soils can significantly accelerate the timing of construction of gas pipelines. 3. Construction dredge trench type consistent with current understanding dredger structure. 4. Implementation of automated performance management significantly increases the efficiency of the dredger of construction and mining operations.
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