Magnetic treatment of a gas stream to remove mechanical impurities

Vladimir V. Shaydakov Ufa, Russian Federation
Evgeny V. Shaydakov Ufa, Russian Federation
Alexander S. Totanov Samara-Elektroservice
The article discusses the effect of temperature, pressure and speed pumping gas sizes of permanent magnets of mechanical impurities, namely their magnetic susceptibility, the efficiency of particlecoagulation in the gas stream. Used the theory of gas dynamics, magnetic field. A device for magnetic treatment of a gas stream, cleaning advice associated gas compressor stations to prevent carbon formation in the high pressure compressor.
Materials and methods
Analytical methods, based on the theory of magnetic field and the theory of gas dynamics.
On the basis of analytical researches process of purification of oil gas from mechanical impurity with use of the device of magnetic processingof a stream of gas is offered.
Influence of temperature, pressure and speedof a stream of gas on process of fastening of a particle of different diameter and a magnetic susceptibility on a magnetic surface that isthe initial stage of coagulation of particles is established.
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