Development of logistical integrated support complexes in offshore oil gas production facilities

Vladimir A. Plesnyaev Orgenergogaz Moscow, Russian Federation
Konstantin N. Zhuchkov Orgenergogaz Moscow, Russian Federation
Dmitriy A. Bogdanov Sea Project St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Roman A. Myskin Sea Project St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Mikhail A. Solov'ev Sea Project St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
The article concerns the combined experience of OJSC "Orgenergogaz» and JSC "SeaProject" in development of product lifecycle management system (PLM) offshore facilities of the Shtokman gas condensate field.The Specification is provided for offshore production systems as complex engineering facilities. These facilities require using integrated logistic support at all stages of the life cycle and in particular during the operational phase.The paper discussed development principles of information support systems during operation of gas production facilities. Also basic requirements, tasks and performance evaluation of these information support systems.There are analyzed standards, guidelines andrequirements that are applicable to develop of product lifecycle management systems and for the integrating developed system to existing automated systems oil and gas industry.
Materials and methods
Application of lifecycle management technologies, such as CALS technologies and integrated logistics support (ILS).
Thus, information support system of operation is becoming the necessary link providingnot only the efficiency increase of using gas industry's facilities, and also "human factor free" monitoring of the technical condition at all gas production stages.And results of such monitoring are available almost in «on-line».Practical experience in the gas industryallows the system to work with all information systems OJSC "Gazprom", to complete that system perfectly and strictly follow the standards of OJSC "Gazprom".The information support system of operation (developed by JSC "Sea Project") is universal in the application and can provide supportof operation of various stationary and mobile objects gas industry, such as onshore and offshore facilities, pipelines and gas storage facilities, and compressor stations.
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