Adsorption dehydration and low-temperature rectification in the processes of commercial preparation of natural gas

Stanislav N. Shevkunov "NOVATEK" Moscow, Russian Federation
The paper discusses the features of the processes of adsorption drying and low temperature rectification in relation to the commercial preparation of gas Valanginian deposits. The advantage of the proposed technical solution is to exclude the application of inhibitors of hydrate formation and deep extraction of hydrocarbons C3+ from marketable dry gas. The result is a decrease in the cost of commercial products and increases the yield of such an expensive commercial product as wide fraction of light hydrocarbons.
Материалы и методы
As the basis were adopted by the technical developments of gas processing plants. With the involvement of the design institutes have developed the basic technical solutions, produced the necessary technological calculations on the basis of which was adopted the concept of creating an advanced installation. Real technical and economical parameters of the installation were obtained in the experimental-industrial operation.
The work proved the efficiency of the processes of adsorption drying and low temperature rectification in commercial preparation of natural gas. Proposed technical solutions allow to abandon the use of inhibitors of hydrate formation (with the exception of the start-up of operations) and to increase the yield of liquid hydrocarbons on 11% in comparison with the technology of low temperature separation. Installing using the proposed technology is successfully operated at the Termokarstovoye gas condensate field.
Commercial operation experience showed high efficiency of the plant using the proposed technical solutions. We can confidently assert the feasibility of using adsorption processes of dehydration and low temperature rectification for field treatment of natural gas.
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gas field adsorption low temperature distillation