Determination of gas extraction levels in the Cenomanian deposits considering geological and technological constraints of the gas producing complex

Aleksandr V. Krasovskiy “Gazprom-Project” Saint-Petersburg
Sergey L. Golofast “Gazprom-Project” Saint-Petersburg
Evgeniy S. Zimin Tyumen' branch “Gazprom-Project” Tyumen'
An analysis is carried out in relation to risks occurring when developing gas fields at the closing stage. A calculation of the estimated development parameters is carried out based on the geological process modeling. An opportunity is reviewed to integrate the algorithms of determination of the minimum and maximum levels of gas extraction into the geological process model. Minimum and maximum levels of the extraction are calculated considering the optimal operating mode for the well stock and process equipment of standard gas field of the West Siberia.
Materials and methods
Eclipse Schlumberger simulator was used for 3D geological and technological modeling. The technological design standards for project sites of gas-producing enterprises and underground gas storage stations (Gazprom Company Standard - Technological Design Standard 1.8-001-2004) were a basis to determine optimum operation of the surface equipment.
Analyzing gas field capacity evaluation allows creating several long-term field development scenarios ensuring that the operation risks are minimum. If a subsoil user possesses several gas production licenses, the provided calculations are a basis to distribute the production between several production targets, or fields in order to obtain maximum cost advantage in case of a change in the fuel and energy market behavior.
1. When planning exploitation of a gas field at the stage of declining production, it is not only an ongoing monitoring required, but also forecasting operating well stock condition, operation mode of gas processing and compressing facilities, which can be ensured by computing different field operation scenarios. 2. Developed algorithms allow considering optimum operation for the whole gas producing complex during geological and technological modeling (producing wells, collection, transportation, processing and compressing systems), which results in decrease of water and sand ingress risks, risks of self-kill effect, and field equipment abrasive wear. 3. Minimum and maximum gas production rate calculation data will let the subsoil user re-distribute or correct gas production without increasing technological risks when developing gas fields at the stage of declining production.
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geological and technological model well process flow pattern gas fields gas producing complex