Exploration well as a perspective element of the development system of a new field

Yuriy P. Pelivanov LLC Gazprom geologorazvedka Tyumen y.pelivanov@ggr.gazprom.ru
Ruslan F. Sharafutdinov LLC Gazprom geologorazvedka Tyumen r.sharafutdinov@ggr.gazprom.ru
Viktor P. Tyurin LLC Gazprom geologorazvedka Tyumen v.tyurin@ggr.gazprom.ru
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Yuriy A. Dolgikh LLC Gazprom geologorazvedka Tyumen yu.dolgih@ggr.gazprom.ru
Abstract The authors' proposals on the use of exploratory wells for the purpose of reducing risks while drilling production wells, substantiating optimal completions and technological regimes during the industrial development of the field are presented. Operational accounting obtained from the results of trial exploitation of exploratory wells of materials, as part of the development of design and technical documentation for the development, will reduce the uncertainty and speed up the process of preparing the field for industrial development. Materials and methods Based on the results of the analysis of the regulatory framework of Russia, recommendations are presented for minimizing risks in the development of new deposits through the use of exploratory wells. Results The use of exploratory wells is proposed for the purpose of reducing risks in the subsequent drilling of production wells, justifying optimal completions and technological regimes during the pilot-industrial and industrial development of the fi d. Conclusions Designing of exploratory wells taking into account the possibility of approbation of new construction technologies, completions, intensifi ation of infl w, telemetry and telemechanics means allows solving a wide range of tasks aimed at minimizing risks during drilling and operation of wells for the period of industrial development. In addition, exploratory wells after trial operation, bypassing the liquidation procedure, can be integrated into the fi d development system both as operational ones and as further exploration of the deposits.
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trial operation risk reduction industrial development of the field exploratory wells