Resources of heavy oils of peace and comparative analysis of their physical and chemical properties

Analysis of the spatial distribution of heavy oils held, depending on their resource potential and change their physico-chemical properties. Analysis of reserves of heavy oils has shown that most of them the world’s reserves are concentrated in Canada, Venezuela and Russia. Results of studies of the distribution of heavy oils can be used
in determining the optimal schemes and conditions for transportation of heavy crude oils, to improve methods of geochemical search of deposits and to solve other problems of the oil industry.
Materials and methods
Database IPC SB RAS on physico-chemical properties of oil, information scope 20,744samples oils of the world , geo-information system (GIS ArcGis), methods of geostatistical and spatial analysis
Spatial analysis of the distribution of heavy oils of the world held. Patterns of occurrence of these oils in reservoirs of various ages and depth are revealed. Comparative analysis of the physico-chemical properties of heavy oils held.
In this paper we studied the spatial distribution patterns of heavy oils basins of the world. Much attention is paid to the analysis of stocks and characteristics of heavy oils of Canada, Venezuela and Russia as the world’s major centers of placing heavy oils. The differences of physico-chemical properties of oil in oil deposits in these countries are shown. Analysis of heavy oil resource potential of the Russian Federation carried out. Peculiarities of Russian oil and
gas resource base of regions that have large reserves of, described, especially in the VolgaUrals and West Siberian regions.
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