Functions between oil properties (surface and base)

S.E. Nikulin Universal Service Perm, Russian Federation
Information about the properties of the base oil is necessary for the reserves calculation, for the formation of the development plan, creating hydrodynamic models of production target. Base oil properties usually are determined by the downhole samples, which are collectedfrom the exploration and production wells. In some cases, the conditions for the high quality downhole samples collection can not be provided at all.
Materials and methods
We used data on 386 oil reservoirs on 97 deposits operated by "LUKOIL-PERM", LLC. All materials are approved by the SRC (State Committee on Reserves).
This technique is used on the deposits operated by "LUKOIL-PERM" LLC for determination of the base oil properties in wells, where conditions are not suitable for downhole samples collection, as well as in exploration wells.
As a result of data analysis there were received different properties with a high correlative value that allow evaluate effectively the expectedbase oil characteristics, having only the information about the oil density. The obtained dependences is suggested to use only in cases where the underlying sample from the facility design is not selected. It avoids subjectivityinherent in the traditional method of "choice of properties of reservoir oil by analogy." During the absence of the underlying trial on development targets using data dependencies is much more accurate to evaluate the properties reservoir oil than if the parameters were taken by analogy. The proposed method can only be used to obtain data on the deep samplesas direct measurements are always more accurate and reliable. Therefore, downhole oil samples should be done in all cases, allowing to obtain reliable information on the properties of reservoir oil.
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