New methods of enhanced oil recovery

Fedor L. Malyshko Innovative oil company "Raduzhnyy Oil Service" (ROS) Raduzhnyy, Russian Federation
Nowadays, conventional oil production technology and enhanced oil recovery in the world are based on the use of physical methods that have their theoretical and practical resource features. Theoretical resource opportunities for pressure filtration is 50% of geological reserves, but a practical and less. Depending on the deposit and the chemical and physical properties of these value stocks are far from theoretical values.
Materials and methods
Experience of implementation. Processing of the results of pilot projects and experimental research.
Enterprise in the territory of the Russian Federation carried out pilot projects for more than 20 fields in different geological conditions in different types of formation water with different physical and chemical properties of oil, in various stages of field development. The effectiveness of the method is established in all cases. Heavy oil density 990–1004 kg/m3 removed without problems. Sediment problems in the tubing and piping are eliminated altogether. Economic calculations of the results of pilot projects show the high efficiency of activities and more rapid return on capital investments.
Solution to the problems of oil production and increase oil recovery enhancement and there is a new level of knowledge and technology.
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