Evaluation of the possible use of the SAGD at the superviscous oil fi d in the Republic of Tatarstan

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Evgenia E. Andreeva IPEN Тatarstan Academy of Sciences Kazan aee8277@rambler.ru
Anna G. Baranova IPEN Тatarstan Academy of Sciences Kazan anna.genn@mail.ru
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Easy-to-recover oil reserves become systematically depleted in both the Republic of Tatarstan territory and along the complete Volga-Ural region, which requires placing alternative hydrocarbon crude sources on production. The Ufimian and Kazanian oil-gas play superviscous oils (hereinafter - SVO) are an alternative to Devonian light oils in the RT territory. However, the SVO reserve recovery process differs radically from the traditional methods applied at the Devonian oil and gas play light oil pools. One of the most efficient methods of the SVO reserve recovery is Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD). This work emphasizes the most prospective areas where the SAGD technology can be applied, based on the analysis of the reservoir properties distribution at one of the SVO fields.
Materials and methods
Table data of the of core sample examination of the Ufimian bituminous sandstones.

The evenly petrolized compact-grained moderately cemented sandstones present reservoir bed at the bituminous field.
Maximum efficient thicknesses are outlined within the central areas of the local elevations.
The best porosity & permeability properties characterize the central areas of the Pridirozhnoye and Yuzhnoye elevation.
Based on the obtained data, the application of the SAGD technology at the Bitumnoye field is possible at the Pridirozhnoye and Yuzhnoye elevation as it is only here where all criteria of the applicability of this technology are met. As the most efficient thickness of the reservoir bed and the highest values of the vertical permeability are in the central areas of the reservoir, the azimuths of the horizontal intervals of the well bores shall be directed from the periphery towards the deposit center.
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