Hydrocarbon accumulations of Achimov sediments northern regions of Western Siberia

Svetlana A. Punanova punanova@mail.ru Institute of Oil and Gas Problems Moscow

The article considers the features of hydrocarbon accumulations of the Achimov deposits of the northern regions of the West Siberian oil and gas basin (OGB). The lithofacial characteristic of the complex is given, the combined complex type of traps (clinoforms) is emphasized, the oil and gas potential of the Achimov oil and gas bearing complex (OGC) is estimated. Quantitative indicators of the size of accumulations are characterized. The zones of distribution of fluids of various phase states and physicochemical properties are identified.

Materials and methods
Research materials: analytical database of properties of oils and condensates of the Achimov deposits of the Nadym-Tazov oil and gas region and adjacent regions, generation parameters of the organic matter of the Achimov deposits.
Research methods: comparison of the oil and gas parameters of the complex according to geochemical data, cartographic constructions, graphical depiction of the dependences of geochemical parameters and the size of hydrocarbon accumulations.

Achimov deposits, oil and gas bearing complex, oil, combined traps, West Siberian oil and gas basin.
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