Lowel Kazan oolite carbonates research on the Eartern side of the Melekess depression on the Tatarstan Republic

Raushaniia A. Mudarisova IGPT K(P)FU Kazan
Yuri V. Volkov IGPT K(P)FU, IPEN AN RT Kazan
Boris V. Uspenskiy IGPT K(P)FU Kazan
Oleg Y. Andrushkevich IGPT K(P)FU Kazan
Anna G. Baranova IPEN AN RT Kazan

Increasing oil production in Russia requires an increase in the mineral resource base. Such a base in the Republic of Tatarstan can serve of the Kazan deposits, which are still not in development. The Kazanian bituminous deposits are usually a set of sediments associated with terrigenous and carbonate reservoirs that occur at different stratigraphic levels.

Materials and methods
Tables with data of the study core material bituminous sandstones kazanian stage. Oolite dolomite thin sections are for determining indication of the hydrocarbon reservoir presence.

ultra-viscous oils, heavy oil, kazanian sediments, oil reservoir, bitumen, oolites
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