The mechanism of the indicator propagation in a terrigenous formation during tracer studies

Izotov A.A. “Tyumen oil research center” LLC Tyumen
Afonin D.G. “Tyumen oil research center” LLC Tyumen
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2021-5-31-34

The tracer method of research is used in oil fields in the study of filtration flows in the reservoir. Studies reveal similar phenomena: a high speed of movement of labeled water for a porous medium, an uneven geometry of the distribution of flows over the area of the deposit. This still causes various hypotheses among researchers. Based on the geological and field analysis and research results, the concept of the indicator propagation in a terrigenous formation through technogenic fractures of auto-fracturing is proposed, which removes contradictions and combines hypotheses and facts. A method for calculating the parameters of cracks for the purpose of planning insulation works is proposed.

Materials and methods
Materials: analytical database, monthly operational reports on the deposits of the Russian Federation. Methods: geological and commercial analysis, graphical representation
of dependencies.

tracer studies, flooding, waterlogging, auto-hydraulic fracturing
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