Fighting the negative impact of mechanical impurities with simultaneous separate operation

Meshcheryakov A.A. “RN-BashNIPIneft” LLC Ufa
Shagitov R.Z. “RN-BashNIPIneft” LLC Ufa
Slivka P.I. “RN-BashNIPIneft” LLC Ufa
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-1-21-26

The article discusses the complicating factors that occur during the operation of various types of installations for simultaneous separate operation (SSE), as well as ways to protect equipment for SSE from the negative impact of complicating factors.

Materials and methods
Analytical database of equipment operation at the same time separate operation, design documentation of the mixer filter and brush filter, results of field tests, conditional classifier of systems at the same time separate operation.

complicating factors, mechanical impurities, simultaneous separate operation, simultaneous separate production, expert support team, filter liquid mixer, brush filter
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