Nalysis of statistical values between structural surfaces on the test site in order to increase the reliability of exploration

Anisimova L.Z. IPEM TAS Kazan
Koluzaeva K.Yu. IPEM TAS Kazan
Anisimova L.G. RUDN University Moscow
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2023-4-10-14

This article is devoted to the problems of increasing the degree of reliability of structural constructions at deposits based on the use of “isopachic triangle” methods and analysis of correlation coefficients of structural plans. In the course of work on the article, the analysis of statistical values between the structural surfaces of the structural surfaces of sedimentary formations of the tested area in the south-eastern part of the Republic of Tatarstan was carried out; namely, the correlation coefficients of the structural plans of the roof of the horizons were calculated and an isopachic triangle was constructed along the roof surfaces and isopachite between the horizons. The analysis of thickness variations will allow the authors to assume that during the development of structural plans in the targeted area, tectonic changes or endogenous processes that are tracked from the roof of the Tournai to the Tastuba horizon are the dominant factor.

Materials and methods
According to the constructed structural maps, the correlation coefficients were calculated by using mathematical methods. To determine the sequence of development of a number of surfaces, the method of “isopachic triangle” was used in the construction of paleostructural maps.

isopachic triangle, structural maps, isopachite maps, paleosoic sediments, spatial analysis
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