Preparation of UGS maintenance and repair programs - industrial safety improvement

Sergey V. Vlasov Energodiagnostika
Igor A. Tutnov MEPHI
Larisa G. Silantjeva Kachestvo    
A new outlook, principles, provisions and general methods of developing contenteffective and resource-consumption optimal programs of UGS maintenance and repair are presented from the point of their industrial safety provision.
Materials and methods
Scientific methodology and methods of preparing UGS maintenance and repair programs (M&RP) in terms of base strategies of complex engineering systems’ safe operation. M&RP methodology and complex method of preparing prospective M& RP are presented by means of common for all UGS method of probabilistic assessment of M& RP integral system and industrial safety monitoring, facilities’ operation risk management and gas underground storage processes. A proper simulation modeling is given for assessing practical efficiency of prospective M&RP for UGS, objective probabilistic assessment of M&RP various applications, including proceduresand measures of functional monitoring of safety and UGS facilities’ operation risk management. A simulation model for assessing the effectiveness of various prospective UGS M&RP applications represents a functional chart of reliability of a UGS facility or a process under consideration equipped with a multivariable M&RP system andadditional risk monitoring system (RMS). Cumulative costs of M&RP integral system, operational monitoring and risk management, technical diagnostics, operation inspection, safety expert appraisal are denoted as Assumption is made: the higher the functional value of M&RP, the higher the cost of this program. Complete failure Р? can happen if there is a failure of one or several qi critical technological elements of UGS including construction and installation elements - qi and the facility itself q. Methodology of preparing prospective UGS M&RP consists of a number of monitoring and diagnostics methods, simulation modeling, testing and verification of prospective options of the program.
Critical condition of a UGS facility with the purpose of preparing a program and M&RP realization in the conditions oflimited resources shall be considered in terms of operational and functional safety, mitigation of losses and failure consequences, possibility of reducing the occurrence of initial events which could go beyond the design industrial safety limits and could mitigate the consequences of a fire or any other destructive effect. Special indicators of UGS facilities’ critical condition can be determined on the base of various methods and algorithms. They can be expressed either numerically, for example, risk of destruction or expected losses, or linguistically, for example, high risk of gas discharge, low risk of buried process pipeline rupture, etc.
A set of methods, ways, instrumental algorithms as part of general methodology of preparing prospective M&RP can be modified, enriched with methods of industrial safety protective means’ backup, increasing the reliability of UGS operation. These methods can include: possible failure emergency liquidation, preventive mitigation of thefailure consequences, development of safety barriers, industrial safety engineering systems, improvement of UGS resistance to unfavorable environment, preventive measures against improper activity of personnel.
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