The use of mobile wireless measuring system for registration the sloughing of sand from gas production wells

Alexey V. Kolmakov Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk Noyabrsk, Russian Federation
Valeriy P. Ustinov Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk Noyabrsk, Russian Federation
Sergey S. Savastyuk Gazprom dobycha Noyabrsk Noyabrsk, Russian Federation
Vladimir M. Karuk Binar LLC Sarov, Russian Federation
Ivan V. Morozov Binar LLC Sarov, Russian Federation
This publication describes the relevance of creating a mobile telemetry complex on the basis of wireless technologies to ensure the operational control ofthe gas production. In article was paid special attention to risks associated with sloughing of sand from thegas production wells. A practical implementation of a mobile monitoring complex "Parus" of domestic production was presented. This complex solves the problem of registration the sloughing of sand from gas production wells in real time. It were described the complex’s construction and its structure. It were described the hardware of building two-level information system, shown the various options for its implementation, allowing to carry out telemetry at different structures hardware of complex, including in its structure of acoustic emission sand registration system. In this article was described registration method of sand in gas stream, which has a difference from analogues as is isolation the sensitivity zone.
Materials and methods
The mechanical impurities were researched on different gas fields.
It were given research results, which allow to conclude what sloughing of sand is individual characteristic for each well and nonlinear depend on well rate.
Implementation of mobile complex allows effective and with low costs to conduct particular production well’s monitoring in different its operation periods: from commissioning to decommissioning. If mobile complex has registration the sloughing of sand, it will provide control of ingress of sandprocess in well in its different operation periods. Also mobile complex can be use as analytical tool of effectiveness well’s operation and other technological objects on long period its operation. Integration of mobile complex and plant floor system at the information level provides the opportunity to create a unified information database on the well stock and technological equipment. Integration allows effective maintenance in real time of gas field as automated technological unit. The developed solutions can be successfully used for the objects of gas production and transportation, oil and gas processing plants, chemical and other industrial complexes that have geographically distributed objects and the absence of a developed infrastructure, as well as having application in the field of housing and monitoring systems, building structures and industrial facilities. The system can be used both as an independent finished unit and as part of the integrated automated process control system at the expense of openness and compatibility with standard platformsand protocols.
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registration system mobile complex wireless network gas wells transducer of sand sloughing gas production