Problem of defining leakage at multi line gas-main pipeline by standard linear telemetering gear

Sergey V. Yevseyev chief of research department for fuel-energy complex soft-and-hardware complexes and control systems Branch of FSUE “RFNC-VNIIEF”
The present work objective is to define the main reasons causing complexity of defining leakage location at a multi-line gas-pipeline by a shift dispatching personnel on the basis of the information received from the linear telemechanics system. Analysis of dispatcher actions in case of real breakdown elimination when the gas-pipeline is broken completely was carried out. As a result of the analysis there are indicated available telemechanics systems basic shortcomings and the ways to solve the said problems. An important aspect presented in the work is the necessity of using system approach to the information recorded by the linear telemechanics system and creating additional methods and algorithms for automated processing this information in order to define the time and location of the emerged leakage without specialized sensors.

DOI: 10.24411/2076-6785-2019-10065
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