Problem solving for emergency early detection at gas-main multi-pipeline linear part by linear telemechanics systems

Sergey V. Yevseyev FSUE “RFNC-VNIIEF” Sarov

The present work object is to add the telemechanics system by methods for detecting gas-main multi-pipeline points of leakage. There are proposed algorithms for detecting gas pressure decrease at the sensor arising at the beginning of the leak and updating mathematical map of gas-main multi-pipeline (GMMP). Analysis of dispatcher actions when eliminating real breakdown in case of gas-pipeline partial break at the boundary of two linear production areas (LPA) was carried out. As a result of the analysis there is proposed a solution for accurate defining the point of leakage within LPA at the basis of providing additional communication channel between the end supervised stations.

Materials and methods
The work presents the algorithm for detecting pressure decrease at telemechanics supervised stations, the method for generating an integrated information card of gas-main multi-pipeline, an example of the real breakdown is studied and a conclusion was drawn about the necessity of interaction between the adjacent sections of the gas-main pipeline.

Telemechanics, leak detection system, fault isolation
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