The use of modern software to optimize the development of oil fields with hardto-recover reserves

Juri V. Volkov Kazan Federal University Kazan  
Svetlana E. Valeeva IPEM TAS Kazan  
Mukhammedrakhim R. Fatkulin Kazan Federal University Kazan
Timur R. Khabibulov "CSMRneft" LLC Kazan  
The article discusses the use of a software package, the purpose of which is to test the operation modes of the wells and to simulate the production conditions for given parameters.
Materials and methods
The source material was the software, after testing which this article was written.
This software is intended for widespread implementation in the design of technological development schemes in terms of the selection and recommendation of downhole pumping equipment.
The most significant feature of this software is the loading of reservoir data into the program, which will allow to simulate the production conditions with the given parameters, and further reduce the economic risks of operating wells in actual conditions.
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