Tender!!! What kind of emotions you have is this word?

In this article we have tried to draw attention to issues that arise from bidders in the preparation the competitive offers, to show organizers tender the look on the other hand to offer options to improve the preparation
of tender documentation, because this determines whether you or your staff to divert cases from the an endless stream of calls and letters to potential suppliers with a request to clarify the requirements. When the more fully
explained the task, more likely to get exactly what you need.
The current system forming applications for tenders in many enterprises is far from ideal and does not contribute to raising the technical level of production. Requires adjustment of approaches to the formation of queries and systems evaluation in procurement to minimize the potential of a negative impact of tenders on the promotion of the latest technical solutions for the to equip the productions.
If a consumer wants to buy quality goods on a tender basis, a formal approach to the formation an application is not valid. Only a complete, accurate and accurate information on future operating conditions of production will allow the customer to obtain the most appropriate technical solution to their tasks and conditions execution of the order (price
and terms). Priority such operating properties, as lifetime without service, working resource, in assessing proposals will allow the customer to purchase more quality product.
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