Stop valves: what to choose?

Anatoly G. Karpov EvroArm Cheboksary, Russian Federation
Natalya N. Shubenkina EvroArm Cheboksary, Russian Federation  
There are different types shut-off valves. Each type was designed to solve aspecific operational tasks. However, there applications where possible to use any type of reinforcement. In this article we reviewed features choice of type valving which depending on operating conditions, thepros and cons, as well as limitations on their application.
Huge variety of stop valves typeand its producers puts consumer witha difficult task a choice. Each type has itsown advantages and disadvantages, andmanufacturers in the manufacturing processcan modify the design, increasing theadvantages and reducing the disadvantages,thus increasing the reliability and durability ofits products.
Selecting valves, defined precisely the: what tasks you want to solve using it?If the priorities are set correctly, then a purchased fittings will serve scheduled time without hassle.
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