Increase of reliability and overall performance of a stop-control gate valve

Il'giz R. Chinjaev MKT-ASDM Kurgan, Russian Federation
Aleksandr V. Fominykh Kurgan Agricultural Academy of T.S. Mal'cev Kurgan, Russian Federation  
Stanislav A. Suhov MKT-ASDM Kurgan, Russian Federation
Results of research and justification of a design of a stop-controlgate valve are stated.
Materials and methods
On the basis of Bernoulli`sequation the calculation procedure is developed, and values of numbers of Reynolds, coefficients of compression of a stream, resistance, speed and an expenseof gate valves in function froma course of a gate are received. Use of the program ANSYS complex makes it possibleto visualize process of passing of a stream of liquid througha gate valve.
The executed researches madeit possible to increase thickness of walls of an output branchpipe in place, where the zoneof collapse of cavitation bubbles was derived.
The design project of a stop-control gate valve with stabilizer, the diameter and the quantity of holes made on surfaces of a gate and a stabilizer are proved.
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stop-control gate valve speed diagram of passing of fluid