Complex approach for rapid diagnostics of electrical maсhines

Represented the analysis of contemporary methods and means of diagnostics of the technical state of asynchronous and synchronous electric motors and recommendation regarding the selection of the optimum systems of control for the application on operating and off equipment.  It is shown that, being based on the measurement of the complex of the basic parameters, obtained by one system of
control, maintenance and repair of electrical machines can, they are produced due to their technical state without planned turning offs, dissection and routine checks.
Materials and methods
Motor Circuit Analyzer ALL-TEST IV PRO
Using ALL-TEST Pro® Greatly Increases the Profitability of Your Plant!
• Versatile — works on all types and sizes of motors-induction, synchronous, servo, DC and more.
• Sensitive — detects faults at their earliest stages, before motor failure. Detects “deep” winding faults.
• Fast — testing only takes a few minutes and will give you a complete picture of motor health.
• Convenient — tests can be taken from the motor control center, through hundreds of feet of cable.
• Easy to use — menu driven with on-screen prompts.
• Expert software provides fault diagnosis plus trending of all data.
Predictive Maintenance
Regular testing can identify developing faults before a failure occurs. All measurement data can be trended for predictive maintenance
condition monitoring. By making proactive repairs and eliminating unscheduled downtime, plant productivity is greatly improved.
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