Eddy current drilling equipment thread inspection

The cracks in tool-joint thread for drill string elements are described in the article, a types for nondestructive thread inspection is overviewed. Eddy current probe types, eddy current thread inspection methods and display the test results way are compared. The method of nondestructive tool-joint thread for drill string elements inspection with application of tangential eddy current probe is described in the article.
Materials and methods
Detection and size measurement of the defects of the tool-joint thread for drill string elements by eddy current phase technique with application of tangential probe.
Eddy current defectoscope with application of tangential probe is developed. Probes are highly sensitive to thread root cracks, and small stray parameter influence. The application of the phase test results display is reasonable.
Defectoscope implementation in the manufacture of equipment for the oil industry companies improved the reliability of products by preventing release of products with manufacturing defects. Defectoscope implementation in the operating
and service companies reduced the cost of repair of drill pipes and increase the probability of failure of oil well equipment. Non-destructive testing procedures for the non-ferromagnetic stainless steel and aluminum alloys pipe thread
is ensured.
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