The system for registration of sand production in gas wells

Victor G. Didenko BINAR CJSC
Stanislav A. Ezhov BINAR CJSC
Vladimir M. Karyuk BINAR CJSC
New method of acoustic-emission system building is proposed in the paper. KADET systemis designed for registration of solids removal from gas wells. The fundamental difference of the system from the existing sensors lies in the fact that it registers only a countable number of ultrasonic pulses, which is excited by the blows of the individual grains of sand on a given horizontal straight pipe section (in the sensitivity zone). KADET system can be directly installed on the well-head which is not provided withpower supply. In this case wireless data transferring is used. The paper presents the results of the systemtesting which was fulfilled on the wells of Gazprom’s underground gas storage facilities (UGSF) includingUvyazovskoe UGSF, Kasimovskoe UGSF and at Medvezhye and Yamsovey gas fields.
Materials and methods
Experimental works, research and development work.
Clamp-on acoustic-emission system (KADET) for registration of sand production ingas wells was developed and is ready for industrial manufacturing and application.
KADET system is builton the innovative method andcan be used as on-line operating sensor of sand removal from gas wells.
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system of registration sand removal sensor gas wells gas production