Carrying out topographical survey of the fueland energy complex, using mobile laser scanning technology and thermal imaging survey

Kirill Yu. Shurshin NIPIStroyTEK Moscow, Russian Federation  
The purpose of this paper is to examine the experience of using a mobilelaser scanning objects FEC, description of the methods of work and analysisof the accuracy of the data. It will also consider types of finished products. The relevance of the method in the article due to the necessity of obtaining, additions and updated large amounts mapmaterials a tight schedule, what interested the design departments and operators.
Materials and methods
Mobile scanning technology and thermal imaging survey.
Currently, the total length of theUnified Gas Transportation Systems of Russia is 150 thousand km and is the largest in the world.One of the main tasks is the satisfaction the increasing demand for naturalgas in the European market and increase reliability of gas supply. In energy, the country also faces global challenges to modernize facilities and expand capacity. As part of the modernization of the Russian power industry until 2020 to introduce more than 150 new substations in backbone networks, 8.5 thousand units of substations in distribution networks, as well as construction and renovation of more than300 thousand km of transmission lines.
To perform the tasks need to doing a lot of works on engineering research facilities FEC.To carry out survey work a tight terms and with high accuracy require the use of modern surveying equipment and technology. Mobile laser scanning, photography and thermal imaging survey in conjunction withairborne laser scanning are best suited to carry out engineering studies of area and extended objects FEC. Considerably reducing labor costs for production work,get a wide range of information with high precision and quality for a comprehensivestudy subjects.
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mobile scanning technology thermal imaging survey