Current state condition and improvement directions of X-Ray inspection technologies

Oleg A. Sidulenko Regional Center Certification of NDT Ltd Tomsk, Russian Federation
The review of current state condition of X-Ray inspection. There are developmentand improvement of X-Ray inspection in thearticle, equipment classification of basicradiographic testing methods regardingapplication.
Materials and methods
Technical and economical research, physical experiment.
In the modern radiography it has beensteady tendency of replacement of traditionalscreens-film technologies by digitalradiography systems.
Nowadays the most perspective digital radiography system is scanning digital radiography system, based on detector line.advantages these systems to the rest (the cutoff of the scattered radiation; low-doseload to the analyzed object; the large dynamic range; high efficiency of the radiation registration; possibility of large objects control; high susceptibility to automation.
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digital radiography radiation image digital signal digital image detector line