Express oil analysis — the future of diagnostic services

Roman A. Romanov Baltech LLC Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation
Aleksandr A. Belousov St. Petersburg state university of cinema and television Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation  
In the era of increased requirements for production safety, equipment reliability and environmental protection, business owners continue to look for ways to reduce operating costs and the costs of maintenance and repair.The article describes the use of multiple methods of technical diagnosticsand NDT for the optimization of production costs —the concept of Reliability technologies, developed by BALTECH.
In the modern quickly changing production conditions each competitiveness industrial company have to apply the most advanced methods of technical diagnostics. Flaw detection, thermography, vibration analysis and other methods of technical diagnostics perform well in all sectors of the industry in the last decade, but research and development is not standing still. BALTECH company recommendsto pay attention to the heads of technical services for new and unique portable solution for express diagnosis and determination of thetechnical condition of the equipment through the analysis of oils and greases, using a series of minilabs BALTECH OA-5000 and BALTECHOA-5100. For a more detailed study of the foundations of tribodiagnostics and learning advantages over other methods of non-destructive testing, our company recommends to receive training on our new tutorial, TOR-105 "Tribodiagnostics. Fundamentals of lubrication of machinery and equipment".
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