Efficiency improvement of production equipment and cost reduction for maintenance

Roman A. Romanov Baltech St. Petersburg, Russian Federation romanovra@baltech.ru
Cost reduction for maintenance and improvement of reliability of production equipment are the main and priority tasks for each production line. Very often factory managers address to consulting companiesfor theoretical calculation of essential annual costs for production, repair and diagnostics of industrial equipment. Please note that in most cases all the necessary knowledge to improve the efficiency and profitability of productionhave experienced your company, use internal resources.
Materials and methods
Methods of technical diagnostics andnon-destructive testing.
Developed a new concept of Reliability Technologies.
Reduced maintenance costs and increase the reliability of the process equipment can be implemented using a varietyof advanced strategies. In developed countries have long used the strategy of TRIZ (Theory of engineering problems), the strategy of "lean manufacturing" strategy "Technology security" as well as various forms of periodic technical audit and consulting. The most important thing in the first stage it is necessary to clearly define the goals and objectives of the optimization of production, for example, reducing the financial costs, the establishment of an optimal service strategy or increasing the reliability of the process equipment. Process of implementing improvements in enterprises are infinite and necessary, but only by using their own experience and statistics of all units is possible to obtain the best results and to be competitive in the market.
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reliability technical diagnostics and nondestructive control production optimization