Reliability technologies" concept - an integrated approach to ensure the industrial equipment reliability

Roman A. Romanov Baltech St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Reliability and safety are key factorsin any industrial enterprise. "Balteсh" developed a new strategy for an integrated approach in the operation, repair and diagnostics of various types of industrial equipment. "Reliability technologies" is the result of fifteen years of our activity and the next stage in the progress of our company. This concept will help to draw the attention of specialists at all levels of any company on the main issues and challenges that are a stumblingblock on a daily basis for normal and trouble-free operation of all technical departments of industrial companies.
Certification of specialists and regular staff training should be conducted in high-tech and proven companies that need to train allthe necessary theoretical issues with practical exercises. We invite all interested technicians at our specialized courses. You can check a timetable on our website
"Reliability technologies" concept is an integrated strategy to ensure the reliability of industrial equipment, but we do not claim perfection. If your company hasa large amount of statistical data on types your equipment and has a positiveexperience of using other means of technical diagnostics (e.g., inspection, acoustic-emission systems, parametric diagnostics, etc.), then you can make your own card to ensure the reliability of technical complex objects. Any enterprise as a living organism is constantly evolving and changing, and you must be able to respond quickly andestimate the level of reliability of any process equipment. Good luck in solving of interesting engineering challenges.
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