Technology of commands transmission through pipelines metallic walls

Nickolay B. Kozyrev APRODIT Ltd Kolomna, Russian Federation
Vitaliy I. Petrov APRODIT Ltd Kolomna, Russian Federation
Evgeniy S. Kondrashkov APRODIT Ltd Kolomna, Russian Federation
Analyzed some technical complexities for technology of commands transferring through metallic walls of pipelines on ultra-low frequency of 22 Hz.
Materials and methods
Distribution of the magnetic field in different environments.
A prototype of a low-frequency transceiver that isable to send or receive some simple commands and signals through the metal pipeline wallat a frequency of 22 Hz in presence of various electromagnetic interferences and noises was manufactured and tested.
The described technology of information transmission at very low frequencies through the metal walls of pipelines or reinforced concrete wall bins can be also used in communication systems of smart plugPIGs, which are used for repair of pipelines,including underwater sites;• for the management of autonomous diagnostic devices that examine gas pipelines at compressor stations, when pulling a cable is impossible;• as well as for an examination of various tubes at nuclear power plants during their repair.
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