Method of research permissible value of the deflectionangleofthewedgeforsidetracking rotary

In the process of window milling in the casing wall for sidetracking using rotary system, the drillstring is subject to differentreversalloadsresultingfrom bending moment in the window zone and torque from the rotary table. The objective of the work was to determine critical bending loads at certain wedge angle and the number of cycles in terms of drill pipes safety. Materials and methods Mathematical Methods Based on theoretical studies of the technique of determining the permissible value of the deflection angle of the wedge, which allows to exclude the emergency demolition of the drill string for sidetracking rotary. 1. Theoretical methods of analysis values of the deflectionangleofthewedge,which influencesthefatiguestrengthof drill pipe when cutting a "window" in the wall of the casing and kickoffrotary. 2. To prevent the destruction of the elements of the layout of BHA to heavy weight drill pipe to push the interval "window", and between them and the arrangement of cutters to establish more flexibledrillpipeor a specially made sub. 3. Create an axial load on the cutter when cutting a "window" and kickoffwithintheaxial stability of the bottom of the drill pipe or a special sub. 4. Should be a requirement for an echo-pulse studies of drill pipe within the layout of BHA [10, 11] before use in a well to cut
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