Improvement of component distribution estimation immediacy in magnesia oil-well cement blends

Georgy M. Tolkachev IAELPS Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Aleksandr S. Kozlov Perm National Research Polytechnic University Perm, Russian Federation
Alisa V. Anisimova Perm National Research Polytechnic University Perm, Russian Federation
Mariya V. Malimon Scientific production company "Monolit" ltd  Perm, Russian Federation
Sergey A. Bortnikov Scientific production company "Monolit" ltd Perm, Russian Federation
AbstractProduction cycle of magnesia oil-well cement blends is described. They are successfully employed for casing cementing in oil and gas wells, their cross-sectionis complicated by presence of water-soluble salts. Causes decreasing the production efficiency are found and an operative method of producible blends quality estimation permitting to reduce the production cycle period and cost of the production is offered. Conducted laboratory research results indicates that there is no negative influence on magnesia oil well cement slurry and stone properties andthe results give grounds for testing of this method in production conditions of Ltd scientific production company "Monolit".
Materials and methods
Fluorimetric analysis evaluating uniformity of blends is based on the definition of the uniform distribution of luminogen in his glow in the ultraviolet spectrum in some samples of the blend. Influence of luminogen onthe properties of magnesia slurry-stone are conducted by ISO 10426-2, using equipment Chandler Engineering, Tecnotest, Fann Instrument Company, ELE International and according to the procedures adopted in the Russian Federation.
Analysis of the laboratory testing results indicates that the presence of lyumogen additives in an amount up to 0.05% of the weight of the oil-well cement blenddoes not affect the processing properties of magnesia cement slurry and physico-mechanical properties of the forming cement stone.
The results provide a basis to proceedto the next stage of research - Evaluate the effectiveness of the automated method of fluorimetric analysis to improve the efficiency of estimates of the components distribution in blends of magnesia cementmaterials in the production conditions of their preparation in the SPF "Monolit".
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magnesia oil-well cement blends fluorimetric analysis homogenization