Modern technologies of oil and gas development of the Arctic shelf

Ksenia V. Anoshina InjGeo Krasnodar, Russian Federation
This article describes the main methods of developing the Arctic offshore fields — namely, a floating drilling and gravity systems, horizontal drilling from shore, underwater drilling rigs, concrete examples, discusses the advantages and disadvantages of technology.
Materials and methods
Scientific articles, news portals, official sites. Methods description, analysis, comparison
Here are several options for the developmentof offshore fields:1. drilling of wells and gravity floating structures;2. drilling from the shore;3. underwater drilling rigs.
Drilling Technology with gravity and floating structures seen on the example of the platform "Prirazlomnaya" on the shelf of the Barents Sea.Drilling of wells from shore — the exampleof the drilling rig "hawk" in the Sakhalin — 1Chayvo. Despite the large kapitalozhlozheniyathis embodiment design flow rate increases by 3–4 times, thereby reducing the payback 3 times compared to conventional drilling.The project to build submarine drill ships currently under OAO "Gazprom", analogues of such an option is not development. Definitely, technical and technological issues during the development of the shelf can be overcome.
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