Aluminum drill pipe as optimum hydraulic conductor for the drilling longest wells

Ivan A. Shevchenko Gazprom dobycha Shelf, Technical Institute of Oil and Gas Sakhalin State University Moscow, Russian Federation
Roman S. Raykhert Gazprom dobycha Shelf Moscow, Russian Federation
Lately almost universally complicated drilling conditions. Increased drilling depth, started to drill horizontal wells with a large deviation from the vertical.Today an increasingly important role played by the total weight of the drill string, depending on the weight increase of the friction force, more effort and stress-strain state of the column. For deep, ultra-deep drilling and horizontal drilling pipes of aluminum alloys have an advantage over steel - the weightof the column is several times smaller. Use of aluminum drill pipe also avoids the maximum flow resistance in the circulation system of the well in order to transmit impulses to downhole telemetry and to best removal of cuttings to the surface.
Materials and methods
Analysis, research.
Use of aluminum drill pipe comprising A composition as compared with the arrangement of steel S, when the drilling of horizontal wells 11,945 m in length provides relief through the drill string and reduce friction forces, reducing the performance of the core with the drill string: • Its own weight of the drill string in the drill-ing mud - 2.4 times; • The torque on the drive rotation BC whendrilling - 2.1 times; • A tensile load on the hook when lifting tool- 2.6 times; • Compressive load on the hook when drilling-1.54 times.
The minimum margin of safety combined BC, as in the drilling process, and when lifting tool was higher standard, equal to 1.2 and about the same with a steel column. Hydraulic losses in the circulation wellsusing Layout A were 10.9 MPa less than to build S. Comparison of the calculated indices with power parameter has adopted for drilling wells P-01 rig shows that for steel drillingrig layout will expend more energy , both in terms of carrying capacity, and the rotation of the rotor of the drive.
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