Control bit’s speed by spectra of electric currents generated at rock destruction by drilling

Anton V. Epikhin National Research Tomsk Polytechnic University Tomsk, Russian Federation
The scientific work is devoted to the phenomenon of the generation of electric currents in rock destruction by drilling. It’s may be a promising new information channel of communication "well bottom-surface". The possibility of determining the value of speedrock-breaking tool by spectra of electric current for various geological, technical and technological conditions of the experiment. In addition, proof of the possibility of determining the technical condition of the bit on the characteristics of the electric currents. The use of the results will increase the efficiency and durability of the bit at the well bottom.
Materials and methods
Experiments were conducted using sound methodology on a specially equipped stand on the basis of the drilling machine with the possibility of varying the parameters of the drilling mode.On the basis of experimental research the spectra of electric currents recorded during the drilling of rocks, it proved possible to control the frequency of rock cutting tool and its technical condition.
Presented the technique of the experiment, the results of the obtained electric currents spectra’s analysis for various geological and technological conditions. The obtained data can be used to control the drilling process.
1. There is a correlation between the process of rock destruction and generation of electric currents.
2. Register and control the speed of rock cutting tools and cones (for roller conebits) is possible by spectrum calculated on amplitude electric currents during drilling.
3. Identify a fault of the rock cutting tool (jamming cutters, breaking blades, bearings) is possible by spectra describing its unstable operation.
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