Chemical composition of water-based drilling mud filtrate as the most important quality indicator

Aleshkin S.V. “Izhevsk Oil Research Center” CJSC Izhevsk
Martunov S.M. “Izhevsk Oil Research Center” CJSC Izhevsk
DOI: 10.24412/2076-6785-2021-2-25-28

The paper presents the results of laboratory studies of the chemical composition of the filtrate of mineralized starch-biopolymer drilling mud, the influence of the filtrates of the studied drilling fluids on the drilling parameters, on the filtration and capacitance properties of carbonate and terrigenous oil-saturated deposits of Udmurtia deposits. The studies were carried out on samples of drilling fluids, core material, oil and reservoir water samples.

Material and methods
The following methods were used for the researches: study and analysis of the literature on the subject of the study, experimental methods in the laboratory of washing liquids based on the methods presented in GOST 33213-2014 (ISO 10414-1:2008), statistical processing of experimental data, evaluation, analysis and generalization of the results obtained. Chemical reagents and reagents used in drilling fluids when drilling wells in the territory of the Udmurt Republic were used as materials for the experimental method.

drilling mud, filtrate, carbonate reservoir, terrigenous reservoir, alkalinity, hardness
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