The measurements definingofmountedfracture formed at hydraulic fracturing

The new technology for surface seismic monitoring of hydraulic fracturing is proposed and implemented. The technology is based on a location of seismic signals by surface irregular observing system. The application of technology allows definingtheinstallationpositions and the number of seismometers for a particular hydraulic fracturing, as well as registering and visualizing of three-dimensional dynamic process of the mounted fracture formation. Materials and methods Seismograms obtained by hydraulic fracturing on the well No. 15 of Patronovsky oilfieldofKanev "Kubangazprom" 'LTD. Mathematical modelling and processing occurs on the methodology proposed by the authors. Results The model of the mounted fracture is received. Сonclusions In RPC «SIBOILGAZ» the technology of surface seismic monitoring is developed for definitionof the size and location of the mounted fracture formed at hydraulic fracturing.
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