Some features of the reservoir properties of the rock

We justify the need to determine the statistical structure of the reservoirs for enhanced oil recovery. Confirmed the effect iveness of the filter in g mode adjustable foam in the reservoir for deep extraction of oil from hard-built reservoirs. Materials and methods Talinskaya oilfieldcore samples, layer UK10-11. Permeability determination by GOST 26450.1 and GOST 39-181-85, absolute and phase permeability coefficientsdeterminationbyGOST 26450.2-85 and OST 39-235-89, water-oil displacement coefficient determination by OST 39-195-86, collector permeability estimation reliability increase - Hydrodynamical Flow Unit allocation method. Results Energetic structure of Talinskaya UK10-11 collector models is built, dependance of mobile reserves on
applied pressure gradient is shown. Сonclusion Necessity of transfer of watered, low-permeable and complex built reserves exploitation problem solution to non-linear hydrodynamical sphere
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oil gas recovery factor porosity permeability